What We Do

Containment Labs

Cleanrooms, downflow booths and containment labs.

Lab Fitouts

LabStar is your one-stop-shop for lab construction and fit out.


LabStar can source a range of lab equipment including biosafety cabinets and fume cupboards.

Operating Theatre Staff

Operating Theatres

Due to demographic changes of the societies, in particular in Europe, the requirements for hospital performances changed. The average lifetime of individuals has increased and will continue to do so. When people are getting older the need for curing and healing increases too, as of course with higher age the number of possible sicknesses increases as well.

General Building Maintenance Services

General Building Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance during the defects liability period. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, Glazing, flooring, mechanical etc.

NATA testing of equipment

NATA Accredited Certification Services

Particle counting in accordance with ISO 14644 Testing and certification of; HEPA filters Biological safety cabinets Cytotoxic cabinets, Laminar flow benches and downflow booths Fumecupboards Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments such as operating theatres

Design and Construct Services

Design and Consult

Understand your product / production time and specific constraints such as OGTR regulation or GMP/TGA requirements Assess whole of life objectives Use comparative analysis of other projects and concepts Integration liaison with principle contractor/ consultants / client with regards to all trades and timing. Labstar input and IP experience

Refurbishment for existing facilities

Refurbishment and modification of existing facilities

Identify keys structural requirements Identify risks and timing requirements to integrate into your existing production and facility guidelines. Produce a working program for understanding overarching impact on current business model to address losses in production and risks to supply lines. Concept drawings accepted Detailed workshop drawings up for final analysis Peer review if accepted within the quotation format.

Carpenter Lab Fitouts

Construction and installation

Development of solutions specific to your project. Preliminary budgets including options for asset cost verses short term costs. Procurement time frames for our process Understand your equipment requirements and time frames Understand maintenance access requirements Acceptance of all party’s program of works including all equipment delivery and installation deadlines. Understand any BMS, EMS and other systems integration. Operating and maintenance manuals and training systems.