Cleanrooms and Containment Labs

Labstar can supply and construct your cleanroom or containment laboratory utilising materials sourced locally and those from overseas suppliers such as Telstar.

We are the Australian importer for a large range of cleanroom components such as pass through boxes, interlocking doors, windows, air showers, HEPA filtered fan units and associated fittings and fixtures.

Labstar can manufacture and supply hardwall, softwall, mobile, modular and containerised clean room solutions specific to your needs.


The Telstar modular downflow booth provides the highest levels of operator protection from potentially harmful airborne contaminants generated during manual powder handling operations such as sampling.

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Sandwich panels consisting of two oven-lacquered galvanized steel sheets, 0.5-0.6 mm in thickness. Panels have a peripheral aluminum frame that reinforces stability.

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CAM Ultra filtered Air Impulsion Modules

The TELSTAR CAM Series ultra filtered air impulsion modules produce enclosed working areas of clean and sterile air through a filtered laminar air flow process. The laminar flow working area should be placed in an environment with and immediate inferior degree, as per cGMP regulation..

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Fan HEPA Filter Units Ceiling Mounted

Air ultra filtration units AVF by Telstar are designed to replace ceiling air conditioning diffusers, by achieving delivery of sterile air free from particles. They incorporate a fan with a flow volume regulator to compensate the clogging of the HEPA filter and thus deliver the necessary flow volume to the zone to be treated.

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Fan HEPA Filter Units Wall Mounted

Telstar FFU is a self-contained blower for ultra filtered clean air free of particles above 3.0µ in size for pressurizing treated areas. Oven powder painted steel case to be housed in walls with matt silver anodized aluminium front frame.

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Telstar SAS systems are specially designed for the safe transfer of materials between classified areas or between a classified area and a non-classified area. Telstar SAS systems can be configured to io-decontaminate the materials being transferred; thereby reducing the burden on the exit atmosphere.

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