Our Business Mission: To provide a turnkey solution for our customers that includes, design and engineering support, importation of the materials and equipment, construction and final commissioning to the required standards and guidelines for laboratories, clean rooms and bio containment laboratories Labstar Pty Ltd is a collaboration between Scott Summerville and Gavin McLeod.

Scott Summerville

Scott Summerville owns Opira Pty Ltd which specializes in indoor air testing and consulting, certification of controlled environments such as cleanrooms, biological containment facilities, operating theatres and associated equipment such as fume cupboards, biological safety cabinets, Laminar flow cabinets, Isolators, and HEPA filters.

Gavin McLeod

Gavin McLeod has a commercial building company and license and has development companies that do design and construct buildings to all commercial requirements. Gavin has also been directly involved in the installation of the largest composite pool project in Australia. These pools are stainless steel and are made in Italy by Myrtha and are manufactured and installed mm tolerant and are the preferred FINA pools for aquatics used worldwide at Olympic level. This level of accuracy and detail is similar to the requirements for cleanrooms and containment laboratories.