One of the most promising and since decades proven solutions is the use of laminar flow air systems within the surgery zone.

Based on more then 35 years of experience Telstar consequently is contributing to the improvement of the aforementioned hospital areas and of reducing the risk of infection by designing and installing down- and cross-flow-systems for the hazardous areas where patients are treated.

The use of laminar air flow in combination with HEPA filters and special air distribution screens (CG-screen) lays ground for ultra clean air and today’s highest technically possible germ (CFU) free environments.

As clean air enters the patients area, laminarity ensures protection from external contamination and avoidance of internal contamination by surgery team and/or patient.

Telstar offers a wide range of different operating theatre solutions, matching all particular needs. Those can be standardized products or tailor made specials. All of those comply to the highest European standards for operating theatres, required by governmental regulations, norm institutes, science, and others (e.g. for example SWKI, DIN, VDI, UNE, etc).