Telstar operation theatre air flow systems accomplish the highest technical results by optimized combination of air, HEPA filters, air distributor and the mechanical structure (plenum, canopy). The optimal combination of those results into almost turbulent free and ultra clean air, so called laminar flow or displacement flow.


The effective working operating theatres are depending on provision of suitable air.

This air, from outside, has to be treated specially before entering the theatre. For an effective air flow system in operating theatres a temperature difference between the supply air and room air is necessary.

Humidity, cleanliness, purity and temperature have to correspond to various criteria.. commonly the air that is used is coming from outside.


End-filters used in theatres are HEPA-Filters (High Efficiency-ParticulateAirfilter)

The purpose of these filters is to hold back small airborne particles containing microbiological organisms, such as germs and bacteria.


A CG-screen or CG-distributor is a type of unilateral air diffuser, it is a large-scale air outlet covered with two layers of fine micro-fabric. Its special design allows the air to enter the theatre with very little turbulence. Any induction or vorticity is reduced to a minimum.

If the before mentioned steps are designed and installed most effectively a laminar flow pattern is generated. The result is a laminar flow system in the crucial areas desired. In minimum the patients area, depending on various types and sizes may be extended to instrument area and beyond. As a matter of fact such clean, stable and almost turbulent free air, minimizes post-operative infections.